Vasuda Arora

Vasuda Arora

Vasuda Arora

Are You Ready to Choose Different and Create a Life You Desire?

Imagine there were no limitations that stop you, no problems to handle, no past that haunts you, no secrets to keep, no health challenges and no family issues. No feelings of being stuck, no boredom, no stagnancy, no hurdles to cross. Imagine there were no expectations you were trying to fulfil, no one you were trying to prove your worth to or make happy and proud of you.

If this was not imagination but actually possible, then, WHAT WILL YOU BE? What kind of life would you live? What kind of friends will you have? What kind of a love life and sex life would you have? What would you be doing professionally? What choices will you make that are dynamically different from where you are now?

Having used Access tools and techniques for the last five years I can say with certainty that there is indeed a life beyond problems and life as we view it.

For the longest time I believed, life is full of struggle and without hard work, problems, obstacles there is no real growth. There is no gain without pain. That life is all about dealing with trauma and its effects and drama is inevitable in what we call life.

As I explored the ever evolving, hugely expansive and liberating world of Access Consciousness each aspect of my life, how I lived it and how I viewed it began changing and continues to change. I now get that happiness is a choice, so I choose to be happy most of the times. I am the source of creating everything in my life-the good, the bad, the awesome and the pathetic. So I can make different choices and change anything and everything in my life :)

Access Consciousness mantra is, ‘All of life Comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory’® but I was so caught up with my immediate problems and getting over my past that I could not register or use this mantra I was told about, in the very first Access class I attended. Such is the conditioning we often submit ourselves to!

I invite you to individual sessions, zoom calls and classes wherein we can invite different possibilities for you and your life. No matter what age and stage of life you may find yourself at, we could shift and change things, if you so choose. We can do it with ease and we can do it faster that you may think possible. All it requires is your willingness to ask for more and greater and different and then use the easy-to-use tools.






I have done Masters in Applied Psychology, Masters in Social Work, have worked directly with children in a children's home, worked in NGOs and International NGOs on issues of violence against women and children, conducted gender sensitization trainings, held awareness talks on the issue of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), designed policies on Sexual Harassment at Workplace, developed training manuals on the issues of Gender-based discrimination and violence, done research, documentation, advocacy on several social and human rights issues. 

Both my personal and professional life so far has taught me this- There is no dark secret, wound, trauma, heart break, failure, lack, hurt or any other emotionally or physically difficult experience big enough or powerful enough to stop us from having a happy, healthy, fulfilling and enriching life. We all have limitless potential within us and the only person who can stop us from being all that we can be is us. There is no dearth of tools, processes, techniques that can empower us to go beyond any and all limitations and create the life we desire. As long as we are alive and we don't give up on ourselves- there is always a way beyond what is not working for us.

Would you like to choose to be all that you are and all that you can be? 

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“You Can Be Anything. Be Everything You Be”

- Vasuda Arora