Energetic Synthesis of Communion

Welcome to the ESC with Dr Dain Heer!

The ESC (Energetic Synthesis of Communion) sessions and classes with Dr. Dain Heer are an undefinable adventure in limitless creation.

They invite you, and the molecules of your body, to vibrate with the lightness of consciousness.

You'll experience a level of oneness that will always stay with you and will take you out of the lie that you are ever, ever alone.

Energetic Synthesis of Communion – In Class

These one hour-ish sessions with Dr. Dain are offered during Access 7-Day Events, Choice of Possibilities or Global Foundation. You will be laying down, perceiving, receiving, and being energies of communion with all the other beings in the room -- and if you're willing, maybe the entire Universe. Dr. Dain Heer works energetically on everyone in the room, inviting a deeper connection for the being, the body, the earth and the magic of the entire Universe.

Globalna novoletna ESS

Kaj je ESS?

Je onkraj besed, gre skozi vsakogar in vse, vsako molekulo v stvaritvi, brni in vibrira ter prispeva zdravljenju vas, vašega telesa in planeta.

Global Energetic Synthesis of Communion